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How to make an online sport booking

  1. You can book either a fitness class, junior clubs or racquet sports;
  2. From within the Search Panel, select your choice of courts or classes & clubs, centre, activity, date, and time range (select 'From' and 'To');
  3. You can choose to save this 'search criteria' if it is a regular choice of yours, e.g. squash on Friday;
  4. Click on 'Search';
  5. If your chosen activity is shown click 'Add to basket';
  6. If your chosen activity is not displayed try selecting an alternative centre, date or time;
  7. To view a complete list of all available classes at each centre by day and time use the 'timetables' underneath the search panel. You can select a class and add it to your basket directly from this timetable;
  8. Add your activity or class to your basket by selecting the corresponding basket icon;
  9. Select another activity or class to add it to your basket if you so wish;
  10. Read and accept our Terms and Conditions and select checkout;
  11. Select confirm booking here to complete the booking;
  12. If you want to print a copy of your booking confirmation, select 'Show details'. However, you do not need to print the confirmation and bring it with you when you visit.

Can anyone use online bookings?

Yes, as long as you have either a monthly iCard membership or a bookings iCard. Then you will need to register for an online bookings account using your unique person number. Contact your local Sports Centre or Pool if you do not know this.

Where can I apply for an iCard?

To join call free on 01473 433503 or call into any sports centre or Crown Pools to talk to a member of the team. An induction is required before you can use Profiles gyms, which is included in the price of a monthly membership. Call us today to book your induction.

How can I get help on the online booking procedure?

Click on the help link at any stage of the booking procedure. If this doesn't solve your problem, please email sport.e-books@ipswich.gov.uk or call our centres during opening hours.

My person number and date of birth are not being recognised when I try to register

When setting up our new system, we only added details of members whose card expiry date was on or after 1st August 2014. If you've not used your card for a while, it's likely your details were not included. Please contact your local Sports Centre so your membership can be recreated.

Can I pay for my booking online if I don't have a monthly paid membership?

We do not offer online payments at this time for pay per visit members. Please pay for your activity when you arrive. Please remember to cancel any unrequired bookings though whether you pay monthly or pay per visit or you could incur a charge. Cancellation policy (opens in new window).

I am a Junior iCard member. Can I use online bookings?

Sure, you can book for activities that your junior membership type allows you to take part in.

Junior members can also attend some adult exercise classes when they reach 12 years old (age restrictions apply, please speak to the relevant centre). You will need to book these via the Sports Centres either by phone or in person.

As a parent, can I book junior activities on behalf of my children, using my adult iCard?

Junior bookings must be made using the Junior iCard of the member who will be taking part in the activity. This is to ensure that the junior price is automatically selected when paying for the activity. Adult iCards will only allow you to view and book the activities that your membership type includes.

My username and password are not being recognised when I try to log-in to make a booking?

This is most likely that we need to renew/update your details on our system. It takes just a couple of minutes so please call one of the centres or pop in and we'll be happy to help.

An error message tells me I have a debt. What is this for?

This is most likely because you have not attended an activity for which you booked. If you failed to cancel this booking in line with our cancellation policy (opens in new window) a debt will be incurred and you will be unable to make any more bookings until the debt is cleared. Please call the centre to discuss this with a member of the team.

How do I cancel a booking once I have submitted it?

Bookings cannot be cancelled online or via email. You will need to phone the relevant centre or call in to see them. Phone numbers are shown below. Please remember that we operate a 24-hour cancellation policy. This applies to monthly paying members as well as pay per visit members. So please remember to cancel any unrequired bookings whether you pay monthly or pay per visit, to avoid being charged.

Is there a limit to the number of bookings I can make online per day?

You may make up to five advance bookings and add to your basket, however you can only make up to three bookings on the same day. This restriction is for your protection should someone attempt to misuse your membership details.

You can book up to two successive courts on any given day. If you have used up this allocation on online bookings, you are not permitted to make further bookings by telephone or in person.

How many days ahead can I book activities for?

Bookings can be made 7 days in advance, becoming available each day from 09:15. The same rule applies with telephone and 'in-person' bookings.

How many courts or class places can I book per timeslot per day?

You can book a single court or class per timeslot per iCard number. If you have used up this allocation on online bookings, you are not permitted to make further bookings by telephone or in person.

I want to book an activity that doesn't appear in the list of available activities. How do I do this?

Not all of our activities are available online. If the activity you require is not in the list, please contact your local centre.

The activity I require is sold out. How can I check for further availability?

If an activity is sold out, try checking availability at an alternative venue. Many of our activities are available at more than one Sports Centre.

To go back to the list of Sports Centres, click on the Search options on the left hand side.

How do I obtain a list of my future bookings?

The 'Account History' button provides you with a list of all your future bookings at any of the Sports Centres. These may have been booked online, in person or by telephone. Any bookings you are currently making will not show in this list until you have clicked on ‘Confirm booking’ in the final stage of the booking process.

Can I print a confirmation of my booking to prove it has been made successfully?

If you wish, you can print a confirmation of your booking details by clicking on the 'Show details' button on the last page of the booking process. You are not required to take this confirmation with you when you take part in your activity.

How do I log out of online bookings?

Please click on the 'Log off' button at any time to return to the login screen.

How do I change my email address?

We will need to remove your current online registration and ask you to re-register using your new email address. Please notify us by emailing sport.e-books@ipswich.gov.uk.

Do I need to re-register if I change my iCard number or membership type?

No. These changes will be automatically reflected in your online account so you can just continue to use the same username and password.

Saturday morning junior classes

The following activities need to be booked by phone or in person at the centre. They can be booked from 09:00, up to seven days in advance.


Tel: 01473 433611

  • Junior Badminton at 08:45
  • Junior Trampolining at 09:00


Tel: 01473 433644

  • Junior Jumpers at 09:00


Tel: 01473 433633

  • Junior Trampolining at 08:45

All other junior classes and activities can be booked online, by phone or in person.

What does the message 'Unavailable without live memberships' mean?

If you log in and see this message, it means there is no current membership associated with your iCard. The most likely scenario is because your bookings card has reached its 12 month 'expiry' date.

Please contact your nearest sports centre so we can check your address, contact details and if necessary, concessionary status and we will be able to renew the membership for you.

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